Written by Anne Ludlum

Directed by John Contini

Starring Erin Kelley as Fanny Kemble

Shame The Devil logoOn a late evening in 1850, Fanny Kemble bursts into her Manhattan parlor.  Her former husband has published a scurrilous attack on her character.  In this one-woman biopic, Kemble tells her side of the story using her spectacular skills as a Shakespearean actor and popular essayist.  The toast of London society and a leading ingénue in Britain and America, she tells the story of her marriage to a Philadelphia lawyer, the birth of her children and her visit to his Georgia plantation where his family keeps one of the largest populations of slaves in the country.  This life-changing event transformed her from a stylish romantic to a galvanizing reformer and abolitionist.  Shame The Devil! is a play about emancipation – from her controlling and abusive husband and through her leading role in the fight to end slavery in America.

Supported in part through a generous contribution from

Independent’s Service Co.

Shame The Devil! An Audience with Fanny Kemble
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Shame The Devil! An Audience with Fanny Kemble on 04/19/2019 @ 7:30pm