“World Premiere”

Script by Clark Cruikshank from the book by Gregg Andrews

Insange Sisters logoIn 1903, Atlas Portland Cement Company built a plant in the small community of Ilasco. In 1910, when Mollie Heinbach inherited her husband’s tract of land that formed much of the proposed town-site, political leaders and others sought to overturn the will on the grounds that she had exerted undue influence on her husband while he was in the advanced stages of alcoholism. The play chronicles the 7-year legal battle between Mollie, her sister Euphemia and those who sought control of the land and traces the dire consequences the sisters suffered at the intersection of gender, class and the law. Told through the lens of Mark Twain’s wry wit, The Insane Sisters proves once again that truth can be stranger than fiction.

Supported in part through a generous contribution from

Dr. Michael and Sharon Bukstein

The Insane Sisters OR The Price Paid for Challenging a Company Town

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The Insane Sisters OR The Price Paid for Challenging a Company Town on 06/29/2019 @ 2:00pm