The Boys In Autumn

Script by Bernard Sabath, based on the characters conceived by Mark Twain

Directed by Herbie Barnes

Starring John Contini

The Boys in Autumn was performed on Broadway by George C. Scott and John Cullum and in Los Angeles with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas and is Bernard Sabath’s best-known play tied to Hannibal.

This is not a sentimental portrait of Tom and Huck, but rather an imagining of how they might have turned out, given their personalities, experiences and traumas.  It is 1920 and Tom has returned to Hannibal to find his old friend Huck.  Both have experienced dark times in their lives.  Our set will be the front porch of Huck’s cabin, in sight of Shuck Island.  Audiences will sit on blankets or lawn chairs while riverboats, barges and trains pass by, as they have since the beginning of Hannibal.

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