Written by Joe Bravaco and Larry Rosler (from the novel by Herman Melville)

Directed by Herbie Barnes

Starring Erick Lindsey as Israel Potter

Israel Potter logoThis satirical romp through American history is reportedly based on a tattered journal “rescued from the trash” by Herman Melville in 19th century London. On the eve of his wedding, simple farmer Israel Potter is drafted into the fledgling Continental Army of the United States of America, then volunteered by General Washington himself onto a brigantine which is promptly captured by the British. Imprisoned in England, Potter escapes with the sole dream of returning to his waiting bride and a peaceful life in America.  What ensues is a madcap series of improbable events that sees the hapless Potter thrust into one grand adventure after another, each preventing a return to his homeland.

Supported in part through a generous contribution from

Nora Creason and Don Metcalf


The Almost True and Truly Remarkable Adventures of Israel Potter

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The Almost True and Truly Remarkable Adventures of Israel Potter on 07/24/2019 @ 7:30pm