Book, Music and Lyrics by Gregg Opelka

Directed by John Contini

Starring Felicia Dinwiddie and Taylor Pietz

It is 1950, Paris, at Chez Laplee, a dingy smoke-filled Cabaret where the regular performers are a pair of fading chanteuses.  Dominique and Fatiguee, accompanied by their pianist Jean-Paul Pierre are thrown together by economic necessity into jobs they hate at a non-descript club.  The cabaret’s owner demands that they sing only the songs of Edith Piaf, the most-popular entertainer of her time, but also an arch-rival.  However, on this particular evening, the club owner has been detained for questioning by the gendarmes and Dominique and Fatiguee break free to sing about their lives, their loves, their dreams and their dead-end job.

In a lyrical and clever homage to the music of Edith Piaf, the characters learn that we can only truly be free when we are true to ourselves.  For this production, the theater will be transformed into a seedy nightclub and some audience members will be seated on the stage.

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