A Ghost Story of Christmas
as told by
The Renowned Trans-Dimensional Traveller Charles Dickens

A Studio 57 Production

Charles Dickens imageDecember, 1867: famed English author Charles Dickens arrives in Hannibal, Missouri, to read his book to an eager audience, as he has done many times in other cities.This performance, however, promises to be a little different, because for the first time Dickens will tell his story with the aid of “TeslaVision VR”, an untested new stereo-optic device delivered mysteriously to “The Renowned Trans-Dimensional Traveller Mister Charles Dickens”. Join us as local actor Clark A. Crukshank (as Dickens & Scrooge), assisted by Frank Elmore’s groundbreaking new video effects, takes you on Scrooge’s Christmas Eve journey with a 3D twist (glasses included).
Eleven performances at Bluff City Theater, located at 212 Broadway in historic downtown Hannibal.
Tickets are $25.00 each, with discounts for groups.

* BCT Flex Passes may not be used for this event.


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A CHRISTMAS CAROL on 12/22/2018 @ 7:30pm